Kinue Kai Silk Painting Group


                      Silk painting of Rooster, Hen and Chicks by Christina Volz

Friends of Taka Sumi-e silk painters meet monthly at 10:30 am at Leucadia Pizza, 7748 Regents Road, La Jolla 92122. The group’s new name, Kinue Kai, simply means Silk Painting Group. Kinu is silk; e is painting; Kai is meeting group. (Of course mashi painters are incognito within the group. And we love this special touch).

All levels of silk painters are welcome. Please come and work on your current projects or start a new one. We share our experience, ideas, supplies, resources and camaraderie (kind of like a silk painting support group!) If you are just curious, come and observe. If you have started a silk painting and forgot the process and need advice, or need to purchase pigments or silk (8 mm haboti), please come.


If you have questions or want  beginning instruction and have no supplies, RSVP to Stephanie Mast, or call her, 760-729-6302.

Click below for updated downloadable, printable handouts on formulas, procedures and interesting links.

Mixing pigments and glue.pdf

SILK Painting Procedure.pdf

Interesting websites.pdf

A website with interesting information:

Good website about materials:

Good website about painters:

To download and print instructions on dry mounting silk paintings, click Dry Mounting Silk.pdf.

The photos below are from Takashi's workshop on Feb. 24. The workshop was well attended with a combination of beginning and intermediate students in silk painting. Takashi covered several techniques of painting, from ink to traditional nihonga to a modern style as well as the basics for preparing the silk for painting. We plan to meet again to  finish the paintings.


with Sensei Stephanie Ryusu Mast