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The San Diego Community College District Continuing Education Summer session begins June 12 and ends Aug. 26. Registration is open online or you can register in class.

Registration materials for the FREE classes are available from the instructor.  SDCC classes are held at the following locations:

Tuesdays, 11:30 am-2:30 pm

North University Community Library, 8820 Judicial Dr., San Diego (Nobel and the 805)

Wednesday night, 6:15-9:15 pm

West City Campus, Pt. Loma

3249 Fordham St., San Diego

Thursdays, 11:15 am-2:15 pm

Jewish Community Center

4126 Executive Dr. , La Jolla

Fridays 9 am-12 pm,

12:15-3:15 pm

West City Campus, Pt. Loma

3249 Fordham St., San Diego


To help ensure that brush painting classes are a time of learning in a productive, calm, and quiet setting, a list of class materials is available, as well as suggestions for class behavior. As a reminder, sensei means an elder, a scholar, a teacher or professor and is also used to show respect to a person who has achieved a level of mastery in an art form or other skill. Let’s show our respect to our sensei Takashi and help him to provide all of his students with a calm and thoughtful instructional experience. Click When you are in class.docx for a printable handout.


NOTE: Changes in the order of subjects are possible.

2/1-2/7/17 Orange/mikan

Paint oranges 4 ways, from a simple open sumi-e (enso) circle to a textured color one. Doing enso circles before starting to paint helps us to warm up and creates a focus.

2/8-2/14/17 Love, eternity and harmony and a bird 

There are three ways to write in Japanese calligraphy.  Use calligraphy to make cards for Valentine’s Day. Practicing calligraphy strokes helps a  student  improve his/her painting brush strokes

2/15-2/21/17 Cherry and almond blossoms /Reader under a tree branch

Learn how to produce the nail head and rat's tale strokes from the “Mustard Seed Garden Manual” to create beautiful fruit tree blossoms in outline style. The combination of these two strokes will give the tools to paint petals, mountains and fabric folds. Skin tones from light to dark. Readings from prominent African Americans in honor of Black History Month.

2/22-2/28/17 Rain, umbrellas and boke

Create a rainy day composition using the photographic effect of boke, the Japanese word for blurred or dim. Draw an umbrella using perspective.

3/1-3/7/17 Girl’s Day, Hina dolls, boats, passengers, boats men and women 

In Japan, March 3rd of each year is a day when everyone gathers together to express wishes for the future happiness of all girls. Symbolic dolls (Hina) are made and sailed off in boats to represent the sailing away of one’s cares and worries

3/8-3/14/17 Prepare for a student show and display of paintings. Creating one's own personal logo,

kamon. Students will learn how to prepare a finished and polished painting, ready to display at home or in a student art gallery. Japanese “coat of arms” known as kamon will also be covered in this lesson to help create one’s own seal/logo. Roots and meanings of European names will also be discussed

3/15-3/21/17 *No classes on Friday 3/17/17 in honor of Abraham Lincoln

Herbs, grasses and shamrocks

Create an artistic herb garden in shades colors of green in celebration of Irish American month.  Learn the strokes for shamrock to make a buttercup ranunculus

3/21-3/24/17 *Friday classes will take place at Casa del Prado in Balboa Park

Grey whale migration with dolphins and sea lions

Learn to paint the cetaceans grey whales and dolphins. Discuss whale migration and Japanese and American history of whales.

3/28-3/31/17 No school. Spring break runs from 3/25-4/2/17. 

Grapes and leaves handout will be issued in classes 3/21-3/24/17 (as homework to do over spring break) in honor of Cesar Chavez

4/4-4/7/17 Penguins and Aurora Australis 

Flying white icebergs, black over bright blended color techniques will be covered. Discussion of the 2 types of Auroras and varieties of penguins

4/11-4/14/17 Roses. Paint several varieties of local roses and their taxonomy. How to paint them in Sumi (black ink) and color 

4/18-4/21/17 Desert sunset

Back lighted desert plants under a setting sun. The multicolored graded wash

4/25-4/28/17 Trees from the “Mustard Seed Garden Manual”

Identifying leaf styles of local trees as they are rendered in the “Manual”, horn of the deer and the 3 stroke tree

5/2-5/5/17 Samurai hat for Children’s (Boy's) Day, Folklorico skirt

Mixing metallic colors with ink to get a special effect. Folds and “thick-thin” strokes to create the full Folkloric skirt.

5/9-5/12/17 Loose” landscape

Creating an easy landscape using 1-point Western and Asian aerial perspectives, with hake and fine line brushes

5/16-5/19/17 An animal with fur TBD (to be determined). How to create furry effects to paint animals

522-5/25/17 Sunflowers

A more sized paper will be used for this class. Learn how to blend colors on the brush and on paper to make the large petals and leaves of this lovely flower.

5/30-6/2/17*Thursday 6/1/17 will not take place at JCC but will be a field trip location TBD by the class


Drawing and Painting different styles of rocks covered in the “Mustard Seed Garden” manual. Working from locally picked rocks to see the different textures

6/6-6/8/17*The semester ends on Thursday, 6/8/17. No classes on Friday 6/9/17

Final composition and the state flag

Students will create a composition using a minimum of 2 techniques and 3 subjects for the final project. For example a landscape with roses, trees and figures using a hake brush with a graded wash. A demonstration of bears will also take place.



Independence Day July 4

Classes held at off-site locations will follow the calendar of the off-site location.